Metal Roofing: How to Avoid Worrying About Tariffs

September 23, 2019


Are you worried about the impact of tariffs on your purchasing decisions? In this special post from Todd Miller, we’ll help you understand why our Classic Metal Roofing Systems products are not affected by tariffs, and how to make decisions on other home purchases.

As the leader of a 2nd generation “All American Made” USA manufacturer, I have some practical ideas on how consumers can avoid tariff war worries when it comes to buying a roof or other large purchases. I understand ways to avoid lightening your wallet with products impacted by tariffs.

Todd’s Top Ways Wise Consumers Can Avoid Worry About Tariffs

  1. Buy American-Made. Companies like Classic Metal Roofing Systems, are working hard to avoid the tariffs by making products that incorporate all American raw materials. The purpose of the taxes is to bolster US manufacturing; when you buy American made, you do just that.
  2. Buy Discount. Most US manufacturers and distributors have been caught in the crossfire of the tariffs. It never hurts to ask if a discount is available for a pre-tariff product!
  3. Buy Smart. Realize that in many cases, US companies are absorbing a part, if not all of the tariffs. Or, overseas suppliers have made price concessions to compensate US purchasers. If they weren’t, large increases in the cost of virtually everything right now would be evident. All is not lost; your favorite supplier or manufacturer may have found a way around the tariffs.
  4. Buy Small and New. Consider buying products from smaller companies as well as products that are recently developed and new to the market. In many cases, these products will have minimal dependence on foreign components and therefore not be impacted by the tariffs.

Coming back to Tip #1: Buy from a company that makes products from all American raw materials. This makes sense economically for consumers, helps contribute to local and national economies, and in the case of metal products, ensures quality. Now is a great time to buy the right metal roof for your Atlanta area home or commercial property.

In Georgia, Lifetime Metal Roofing/Athens Roofing is an essential partner with Classic Metal Roofing Systems and committed to American made value.

– Todd Miller is the president of Isaiah Industries and publisher of the popular consumer website 

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