Roof Damage Protection in Winter

November 30, 2022


Let’s look at how you can prevent roof damage during Atlanta’s cooler winter months and ensure the protection of your home and all it contains.

Clear all debris as safety allows.

Make sure your roof, gutters, and downspouts are free of debris. Remove pine needles, leaves, twigs, and anything else that accumulates. Do this as a prevention on non-precipitation days and use a ladder safely. Consider hiring a roofing or gutter professional for this task, and get a head start next year in the fall.

Look for damaged shingles and leaks.

Extreme winter weather in the form of wind, hail, and even sometimes snow can damage your roof. Shingles can come loose or completely blow off. After a storm, safely check for any roof penetrations or exposed surfaces to ensure leaks have not developed. Hire a roofing professional to replace damaged shingles and make repairs as soon as possible.

Check your attic ventilation.  

The performance of your attic directly impacts the performance of your roof. If poorly ventilated or insulated. Keeping the airflow in your attic consistent helps your roof maintain its integrity. 

Get a professional roof inspection.

While you can complete these winter roof maintenance tasks yourself, as roofing professionals, we can quickly and safely discover and address issues that comprise the protection of your home.

Want to address and prevent roof damage for the rest of this year and for decades to come?

A metal roofing system from Lifetime Metal Roofing will permanently address and eliminate these and many other roof performance issues. Ask us how.

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Ask the Expert: Todd Miller

Todd Miller, roofing expertTodd Miller is President of Isaiah Industries, an organization that is recognized as one of the world’s leading metal roofing manufacturers, and manufacturer of Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Todd has over 30 years of experience in residential metal roofing and is internationally recognized as a roofing and ventilation expert. Passionate about using his experience to help homeowners make the best roofing decision for them, he can help you navigate the issues encountered in roofing or reroofing your home or commercial property. Use the form below and you'll receive a response directly from Todd or his team.