5 Ways a Lifetime Metal Roof Can Save You Money

May 31, 2023


Sure, our metal roofs are beautiful, but you may not know how practical they are. Here’s a list of 5 practicalities based on money, essential to any home improvement decision.

 1. A Lifetime metal roof installation helps reduce your energy consumption.

While we can’t predict the cost of energy in the future, a Lifetime metal roof installation helps manage and reduce your energy consumption.

  • Our metal roof reflective coatings bounce heat away from your house and leave airspace between the panel and the deck, keeping it cool in the summer. Homeowners report saving up to 20% on their summer energy bills.

2. Our lightweight aluminum roofing saves on costly home repairs.

Structures weaken with age. Some of the things your home has endured are moisture infiltration, a few structural changes, several punishing storms, raging winds, and years of thermal cycling. As any home ages, it loses strength. 

Reducing the overall pressure on your home through a low-weight roof can be very helpful in restoring and preserving homes built even as recently as 40 years ago.

And roof leaks? Yes, they can do a lot of damage. Our interlocking roofing panels with concealed fasteners and excellent drainage systems protect your home for the future.

3. Solar panel-ready and durable.

Future-proof your home for energy production. With asphalt, slate, tile, or any conventional roofing material, solar panels attach via brackets that require holes drilled in the roof. These penetrations introduce dozens of potential failure points for water to creep in and damage your roof deck and attic. 

Unlike most other roofing, solar panels are either clamped onto metal panels or installed with concealed fasteners into the roof deck. This process means no need for holes or failure points. Our metal roofs’ longer life means you won’t need to rip up your roof and your panels when it comes time for a new roof…or new solar panels.  We specialize in working with solar contractors to ensure your new roof performs with reliability and durability.

 4. Make a sustainable roofing choice.

In addition to supporting solar energy production from the largest surface of your home, our metal roofs are kind to the environment.  Made from up to 95% post-consumer recyclable materials, our aluminum roofs are completely recyclable at the end of a long life (or one cut short by a natural disaster). You won’t have to “pay” for hauling it away or contributing it to a landfill. 

5. A Lifetime metal roof is an investment, not an expense.

We provide warranted, lifetime roofing solutions, saving you money. You’ll save thousands on future installations, roofing repairs, and all the labor expenses involved in roof maintenance.  Plus, you’ll enjoy reduced operating costs. 

Let’s take that a bit further into increased home value: 

  • Our metal roofing systems’ durability becomes a lasting increase in home value rather than a roof investment that declines rapidly as the roof deteriorates. 
  • Our lifetime aluminum roofing warranties are the industry’s best and are transferable to future homeowners.
  • Industry studies have shown that upgraded metal roofs added 54.8% of their cost to a home’s value in 2022.
  • Because a Lifetime metal roof maintains its “just new” appearance, it continually increases your home’s curb appeal and perceived value for potential buyers.

Imagine what great peace of mind a Lifetime roof can bring while differentiating your home from others available on the market and in your neighborhood.

Beyond being a beautiful roof, a Lifetime metal roof is a beautiful way to save money. Will one of these savings be right for you?

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Ask the Expert: Todd Miller

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