With green as a given, what comes next in roofing for Atlanta homeowners?

February 26, 2020

What's Next in Roofing Lifetime Metal Roofing of Atlanta GA

Roofing, just like technology, is following Moore’s Law which addresses the ever-increasing speed of change and advancement. We are seeing a rapid succession of product developments, and the inclusion of technology in such roofing areas as measuring, marketing, estimating, visualizing, and sales. These are exciting times. Back in 1996, well-known futurist Watts Wacker posed a… ( read more )

Energy Efficiency and Expert Metal Roofing Installation

July 23, 2019

energy efficiency Lifetime Metal Roofing of ATL

Many homeowners choose metal roofs because they learn that these roofs can save the environment – and their wallets – through energy efficiency. That’s very true, but not all metal roof installations are the same in terms of energy efficiency. The level of energy efficiency achieved with metal roofing is dependent upon the knowledge of… ( read more )

Putting a New Metal Roof on an Old House

August 31, 2018

New Roof Old House Lifetime Metal Roofing of ATL

Let’s look at some attributes of metal roofing that lend themselves to older homes: Beauty. It’s interesting to see how a metal roof can add beauty to any older home, so we invite you to take a look at a just one old house, and the difference metal roofing options can make. In the June… ( read more )

Sustainability: Metal Roofing for Saving and Harnessing Energy

August 21, 2018

Sustainable Metal Roofing from Lifetime Metal Roofing of ATL

When making decisions about home improvements, these days, energy is at or near the top of the list of considerations. How can we save or create energy for the future? What are the most sustainable or durable home improvement purchases we can make? How Saving Energy Impacts Your Roofing Decisions Your home’s roof is too large… ( read more )

How to Achieve Good Attic Ventilation for Your Home

January 28, 2017

ventilation - Lifetime Metal Roofing ATL

Good attic ventilation requires both intake and exhaust vents. Intake vents are at the bottom of the roof, often in the home’s overhangs. Exhaust vents are typically at or near the ridge or peak of the roof. You want to have ventilation that creates total continuous air exchanges in the attic. Outside air flows in… ( read more )

Why is Good Ventilation Important for Your Home?

January 24, 2017

ventilation - Lifetime Metal Roofing ATL

Do metal roofs bring special ventilation needs or condensation concerns when installed on homes? The general answer is “no” but there is more than a simple answer. Unless a home has been built specifically in a manner which does not require attic ventilation (such as a conditioned space or hot attic, or insulated panel construction),… ( read more )

Baby, Its Cooler Outside: 7 Places to Look for Energy Savings

November 28, 2016


It’s getting cooler, even in Atlanta. The winter months deliver a dip in overnight temperatures that can bring challenges to energy savings and efficiencies in your home. Basically, comfort in your home requires getting heat where it needs to be and at the same time, keeping the cold air out. Here are 7 simple steps… ( read more )

An Atlanta Green Home: 7 Tips for Efficiency Upgrades

October 16, 2016


While we love to talk about the environmental benefits of our beautiful metal roofs, we also enjoy sharing other tips for making your Atlanta home more energy efficient and “green”. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider for your home this fall. Have a home energy audit done by an independent third… ( read more )

Metal Roofing: Summer Environmental Benefits for Your Atlanta Home

June 18, 2016

Atlanta metal roofing environmental benefits

Metal roofing offers many environmental benefits, and summer time maximizes those benefits for your Atlanta home. Your home’s roof is most vulnerable to the sun’s summer heat. That heat passes through the roof, heats the attic and, in turn heats the home, increasing air conditioning costs. An Energy Star metal roof, or metal roofs that include an… ( read more )

Your Roof: Energy Savings

May 21, 2016

roof energy savings

Are you dreading those summer electric bills? At the very center of how well your Atlanta area home handles the summer heat is its roof system and attic. Here is a discussion on your roof energy savings, and how to be environmentally efficient, in detail. We will explain the things to consider when trying to… ( read more )

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