Air Quality and Your Atlanta Home

August 28, 2023


On any given day in Atlanta, you can find both good and not-so-good Air Quality Index Ratings (AQI). We can all experience some of the drawbacks of living in a hot and moist climate. Take a look at today’s ratings according to IQAir, an informative source of current conditions across the US. Unfortunately, you can’t… ( read more )

A Lifetime metal roof + solar panels

January 28, 2022


Atlanta homeowners now have more options for choosing which type of energy collection system, beyond solar panels, to put on their roof. Though these newer technologies of roofing products are developing, their longevity is not yet known. With some high-tech products, high cost, supply, and installation issues can have people waiting for a year or… ( read more )

Because you care about tomorrow: sustainable roofing

June 30, 2021


We can make sustainable choices in the cars we purchase and how we use or collect energy for our homes. Do you know that you can make a sustainable roofing choice for your Atlanta area home? The very least sustainable roofing choice is asphalt.  The most stainable choice in roofing is metal.  How do Asphalt… ( read more )

With green as a given, what comes next in roofing for Atlanta homeowners?

February 26, 2020

What's Next in Roofing Lifetime Metal Roofing of Atlanta GA

Roofing, just like technology, is following Moore’s Law which addresses the ever-increasing speed of change and advancement. We are seeing a rapid succession of product developments, and the inclusion of technology in such roofing areas as measuring, marketing, estimating, visualizing, and sales. These are exciting times. Back in 1996, well-known futurist Watts Wacker posed a… ( read more )

Reduced Energy Costs with Lifetime Metal Roofing

March 25, 2019

reduced energy costs

Though spring is just beginning, we want to remind you that our quality metal roofing systems will reduce home energy costs by keeping homes naturally cooler in hot weather and reducing summer air conditioning demand. And the time to get ready for heat is now. Here’s how we can help. 3 Ways a Lifetime Metal… ( read more )

The Right Roof Can Pay You Back With Energy Efficiency

August 3, 2017

energy efficiency Lifetime Metal Roofing of ATL

Here is part 3 of 3 in how a roof can pay you back over time. In this series, we are answering the question: Can the right roof pay you back over time? Can the right roof pay you back over time? The simple answer is “yes.” The detailed answer is that the payback can… ( read more )

An Atlanta Green Home: 7 Tips for Efficiency Upgrades

October 16, 2016


While we love to talk about the environmental benefits of our beautiful metal roofs, we also enjoy sharing other tips for making your Atlanta home more energy efficient and “green”. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider for your home this fall. Have a home energy audit done by an independent third… ( read more )

A Healthy Atlanta Home: Proper Roof Ventilation Prevents Mold

July 27, 2016


In New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, many homes were condemned not because of damage caused by wind but by rising and receding water that left deadly black mold in its wake. Today in Georgia, storms rage and waters rise, threatening the safety of our our homes and families with mold damage from poor roof ventilation…. ( read more )

Atlanta Metal Roofing: Ventilation Lets Your Home Breathe

July 17, 2016


Here in Atlanta we know all about heat build-up, and the expense of air conditioning. Did you know that proper attic ventilation is critical to a healthy and efficient home? Attic ventilation plays a large role in reducing your summer air conditioning costs by venting heat out of the attic. It also vents out the… ( read more )

Hey Atlanta: Why Are Homeowners Choosing Metal Roofs?

June 29, 2016


Metal roofing is documented to be increasing rapidly in popularity for its use on homes. So, why are more and more homeowners choosing metal roofs? Here a few of the reasons based upon our experiences working with hundreds of homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area. The reasons may surprise you. First of all, we see… ( read more )

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